FADICA serves as a dynamic philanthropic peer community and catalyst committed to Catholic initiatives, the vulnerable and the common good through research and education, collaborative funding ventures, and the spirituality of philanthropy.


  • FADICA provides powerful insight into church leadership in the United States and Rome. Participating in the FADICA-led trip to the Vatican opened doors to substantive new conversations and partnerships.

    -Amy Goldman, GHR Foundation

    FADICA has opened my eyes to the philanthropic community outside of my family and facilitates dialogue among us on important topics. These conversations help us as members realize how we can work together, particularly in the affinity groups, to make an even greater impact.

    -Patrick McGrory, Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities

Looking Back and Looking Forward

This year marks the 40th anniversary of FADICA - a time to celebrate the impact our network of families and partners has made on Catholic philanthropy and to look ahead to the next decade of pioneering philanthropic leadership that responds to God’s call to serve.


  1. 1976 – FADICA founded

    Organization founded with Peter S. Robinson serving as the first president.

  2. 1986 – FADICA launches Support Our Aging Religious.

    FADICA leads process to address retirement crisis facing American religious, founds SOAR!, and helps shape Religious Retirement Fund.

  3. 1990 – FADICA takes bishops to Eastern Europe; national collection approved

    In partnership with the Raskob Foundation, FADICA hosts a delegation of Bishops to Eastern Europe which contributes to the creation of a national collection to rebuild the church in Eastern and Central Europe following the collapse of communism.

  4. 1992 – Teaching for Spiritual Growth Institute launches with Dr. Robert Coles, MD

    FADICA develops experimental institute for gifted teachers on the spiritual life of children and best practices in supporting the spiritual growth of inner city Catholic school students.

  5. 1998 – Catholic Funding Guide first edition published

    FADICA publishes an essential resource for fundraisers featuring grants specifically targeting Catholic organizations and initiatives.

  6. 2003 – National Leadership Roundtable for Church Management launches

    FADICA makes it possible for Catholic business leaders, foundations and church leaders to team up by helping to establish the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management to promote excellence in church administration, planning, and human resource development.

  7. 2008 – FADICA initiates disaster relief program for religious orders following Hurricane Katrina

    FADICA coordinates, in partnership with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and Catholic Charities USA, a multi-million dollar grant program to assist eight congregations of sisters in New Orleans to rebuild social and educational ministries serving the poor.

  8. 2013 - Member Affinity Groups Launch

    FADICA launches member affinity working groups designed to address topics of shared interest to members through joint learning collaborative opportunities, and sharing of experiences, information, successes and challenges.

  9. 2016 – Into a new decade…

    As the Holy Father continues to put forth an exciting and challenging vision for the Church, FADICA members are engaging with and discerning how to act alongside Pope Francis’ vision for the church to meet people on the margins and to help goodness spread.

Benefits of Membership

Peer networking and joint learning for effective giving

Exploring relevant topics with peers and experts, and gaining practical tools for effective grant making through analyzing research, hearing cutting-edge ideas and exchanging information and experience with an influential network of thought leaders and partners.

Church leadership engagement

Engaging in dialogue with leaders in the church to generate new approaches to meeting the current and future needs of the church, and to discover how grant making can best contribute to the growth and vitality of the church.

Fellowship and spiritual nourishment

Supporting a vocation of philanthropy as the spiritual foundation for the charitable gifts of time, talent and treasure through prayer, worship, faith-sharing and reflection on Catholic social teaching.